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Welcome to my planty hangout.

As a traveling plant mom my audience is made up of plant parents that are crazy about all things botany, laughs and healing just like me. I’m really excited to reach an audience that is willing to learn and make mistakes gardening along side me. As a lifestyle, techy gardening and health influencer I want to make sure I bring the best brands and reviews to my audience. Thank you for visiting my website.

Plant Parent Needs

Get rid of your Gnats

That cute little gnat that made himself a roommate has GOT TO GO cause he is living rent free. No it's not ok.

Traveling? You NEED this.

Are you going on vacation and don't have a plant sitter?! Look no further! This saved me and my plants.

Want Less Gnats?

Leca are clay balls that retain water for your plants. Switching from potting soil to leca can reduce gnats producing. It is a great soil medium to try.

plant product reviews

Balance your water with PH​

Living in Florida I use tap water for my plants but I have to balance the PH first. In between 5.5-6.5 is best for plant to thrive.

Apartment veggies with AeroGarden ​

Apartment living does not let me have the garden I want , but I can still get the veggies I want. This was great for me as a traveling plant parent.

Neem Oil for Pests​

As much as this stuff stinks! It helps me kill most of the pests that try to come after my plants.

PLant care
Self care

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“Plant your own garden & decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”

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