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TEMPLATES for Marketing , social media Branding & web design
for influencers, coaches and lady-preneurs.

You make content for a living ,but design is a whole different ballgame.
Having pretty pictures as an influencer on instagram wont cut it anymore hunny!

Bring lasting value to your audience – brand like a professional – in half the time.

If you are trying to be a full time influencer here are the resources that can save you 10 hours plus a week on design.
Spend your Valuable time on creating great content!

so how does this work?

Each template is easy to edit and customize.
don't worry you even get tutorials!

Step 1

Make sure you
have Canva or Photoshop
on your computer.

Step 2

Purchase the template & receive your email with your designs.

Step 3

Download your template or click the link to start your journey to
content magic.

Final Step

Read the instructions
Listen to the tutorials.
Start to customize!

Want the whole package?

yas maam! major influencer coming though!
Get your whole brand together by this week!


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